IBZO proposes a progressive vision of minimalist luxury fashion rooted in the idea of friendship. Capturing the creative energies of camaraderie, art and social change, IBZO is a salute to friends and their ability to move and inspire us.

Thoughtfully-sourced fabrics, careful stitching, ethical work practices and accessible price points come together in principled pieces that embody the feeling of unwavering optimism and connection that we get from supporting our friends.

We are a team who believes you give back as you work towards success. A youth-inspired company with high quality garments designed and created for keeping up with the latest trends in fashion. From concept to closet, we approach building garments as if we are making them for our friends — those we know and those we have yet to meet. Specifically, we are a team of “positivists” — those who believe in being positive influences and support for our families, friends and communities. As an integral part of our mission.